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Cover For Summer Jersey Shore

Cover for Summer
By Valentina Chistova

Even on the cloudiest of days when the sun isn't visible to the naked eye, damaging UV rays can induce permanent damage on our skin. That's why no one ever debates the necessity of sun protection anytime skin is exposed to daylight.

Sunscreen is commonly thought of as chalky, pasty, white, thick and unpleasant, as many sunscreen products can clog pores, make skin feel greasy and increase sensitivity. New technology in creating sunscreens changed these statements. And now you can not only block the sun, but treat your specific skin condition with high performance sunscreen moisturizer formulations that actually feel good on your skin.

Using a combination antioxidant treatment and a broad spectrum sunscreen can be one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from premature aging and to improve existing environmental damage on your skin.

Look for these ingredients the next time you choose your sun protection:

I am highly recommending these companies for sunscreens:

Enjoy your summer at the New Jersey Shore.