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New Jersey Shore Food Critic FAQ's

Many of our readers have asked about our selection process and who does our food reviews. So, we developed a little Q&A.

Write to us at if you have questions. We will do our best to answer them.

Does the restaurant know in advance that you will be doing a review?


Do the restaurants pay for the review?

The restaurant usually does not know they are being reviewed until after the bill is paid. (The waiter has some idea since we take pictures of the dishes as they arrive at our table.)

When does the restaurant find out about the review?

After the review is written, we call the owner to get background info on the chef and owner as well as give the owner the opportunity to issue a coupon.

Why do you publish a coupon?

The real customer is the viewer of our web site. Without you we would not exist. We want our customer to have an incentive to use our site and read our reviews. We believe that these restaurant reviews are helpful in picking a good restaurant. Most restaurants will gladly provide a coupon.

Who pays for the meal?

Are you free to order any dish?


Where do you get your list of restaurants to visit?

Most are from a restaurant expert and friend who, because of his position in the industry, must remain anonymous. The remaining are from word of mouth.

Can I suggest a restaurant?

Yes. Send an e-mail to

Why don’t you tell us about the bad food?

Our policy is to only publish good reviews.

If we encounter a “bad” meal, then we put it on our list to return if there is a reasonable chance that this is a fluke.

To date there are eight restaurants on our revisit list.

Who does the review?

Our staff and industry professionals do most of the reviews. We do have a few reviews written by epicurean club members.