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Manasquan NJ Brief History:

Long before Dutchman Henry Hudson came ashore Manasquan in his ship, the “Half Moon”, the Unamis Indians, a local branch of the Lenni Lenape’s, lived along the Manasquan River and the beachfront. Various old records show the land named as “Miniquan”, “Mannisquan”, “Squan” and “Squan Village”. The name “Manasquan” is said to mean “an island with enclosure for squans”.

Since Captain Hudson arrived in Manasquan in 1609, much has changed. The first several hundred years of settlers in Manasquan were devoted mostly to agriculture and fishing for their main economic base. In the 1800’s, investors saw the opportunity to market Manasquan as a resort town for people eager to get out of New York and Philadelphia on hot summer days. Hotels were erected as well as large summer cottages for the wealthy. Visitors could enjoy the beach as well as the Manasquan River.

Today Manasquan remains one of the top New Jersey Shore getaways. Thousands flock to the beach each summer by day – and many more come to Manasquan in the evening to enjoy the fine restaurants and nightlife. Manasquan offers fishing in the ocean and river, as well as one entire beach devoted to the needs of the handicapped.

Sitting just north of Pt. Pleasant, Manasquan is an ideal vacation spot for couples, families, and anyone else looking for lots of sun, sand, and plenty of activity.