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View the latest New Jersey Fishing report, supplied by Party Boat NJ.

Some of the best and most diverse year-round fishing occurs at the New Jersey Shore. Due to the Gulf Stream, the Hudson River Flow and the Delaware River Flow, the Jersey Shore produces a wide variety of species, such as bluefish, striped bass, fluke, weakfish and more.

Anglers can surf cast from selected beaches or enjoy fishing the inlets. Many half-day, full-day and nighttime party boats operate out of marinas on the New Jersey Shore.

Marinas can be found in Cape May, Wildwood, Long Beach Island, Atlantic City, Sea Bright, Belmar, Brielle, Point Pleasant and Seaside.

Visitors may enjoy a few hours of blue fishing on the Atlantic or even an overnight big game fishing trip via party boat.

New Jersey Fishing Report

The New Jersey Fishing Report is exclusively supplied by Party Boat NJ of Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.

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New Jersey Fishing Report  - Party Boat NJ

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Dec 4 
Great Day to Wrap up the 2017 season! Beautiful weather and Hot Action with Strtipers to 31"  We were able to keep a few and add some Bonus fish but most were short and released for another day! Hi-hook had over a dozen Bass with many folks in the 5-10 bass count.  Thanks Again for your patronage! Hope to see you aboard next season

Dec 3 
Very Nice ACTION for smaller fish plus slots size.  Many folks had 3+ bass with diamond jigs working best! Tomorrow, Monday Dec 4, WILL BE our last day of the season.  Weather looks very nice 50's and calm with sunshine! Hope to see you aboard. WE WILL DEFINITELY have enough to sail! 

Dec 1 
Very Good Morning for the Nutanix charter! We picked at Bass well until 10am with most fish in the 27"-33"range.  Shads and diamond jigs worked well.  Uncle Stoney was aboard and had 3 nice Stripers on a hammered diamond.  Weather looks Super for early December this weekend.  Hope to see yo aboard! 

Nov 29 
Another good day of action with Blues to 13 pounds and some Keeper Stripers mixed in.  Jim Steel had 7 Blues, John Lamond had a bunch of Blues and a nice Keeper Bass.  Herb won the pool with a slob Bass caught on a diamond jig

Nov 26
Today was much better than the past couple! We had some action with Bass and Blues mainly late in the day.  We only threw back one short Striper and the others were all quality fish.  Tomorrow looks good as does most of the week.  See ya Aboard 

Nov 25
Lots of fish out there for the trolling boats but very difficult again for boats who can't troll. Capt Hack was Back as we caught Jack today. Can't say it any more truthfully than that! Read fish watch trollers get many but we couldn't get a sniff today. Maybe with the good Westerly winds tomorrow they will snap like they should. See ya aboard



Nov 24
Tough Again! Rode all over the ocean to find very little.  A few Blues and Bass all day

No Good we never found the hungry fish just a handful of nicer size Bass. Sam won the pool with a 20+ pounder. I read fish all day but hard to catch. 

Nov 22
Very Good first few drifts then it got slower and slower. Hi-hook had 8 fish


Nov 16
Good Action Continues!  We started with a bang! Today was very good to start and terrible to finish. Jigs, Krocs, Shads & Mojo's all produced when the bite was on early this AM.  As the morning progressed we picked fish here and there but it was all over by 11AM.  The tide dropped out the sun came out and the winds started to howl.  This the fish did not like! We a very nice catch and many had their limit.  A-47's plain again worked best overall.  Remember we are chartered Friday.  Weekend Weather, Sunday is Best as Saturday could be a blow out

Nov 15
Another Fine Day for Striper Action! Though they were not jumping in the boat like yesterday.  Many had their Limit of under 43" & a bonus fish.  Frank Vavino had 5 fish to 32" Bill & Paul each had a Keeper and a Bonus.  Bill Holden the Patriarch of the Wednesday Gang won the pool with a 35" fish and added a few others.  Jigs again best, but the Shads and Mojo's did hold their own.  We will sail Thursday.  Fishing is HOT so Come Get SOME! 


Nov 14
SUPER ACTION for Stripers! Simply Awesome action on A-47 jigs gold and chrome plus shads worked well too.  Retired fireman Pete said it was his best day jigging ever.  He landed over 28 Stripers, won the pool with the 36" he kept along with a 27" bonus fish.  All the others were released.  Pete was using a plain A-47 hammered jig.  Full Boat Limit before Noon is makes for an extraordinary day! We will fish Wednesday & Thursday, reminder that this Friday we are privately Chartered.  Hope to see you aboard! 

Nov 13 
Went the wrong way! It happens now and again and unfortunately will not be the last time.  We did manage a few but still kicking ourselves for getting sucked the wrong way.  Tomorrow we will hope for better results 

Nov 12 
Better today! More fish and warmer temps.  Tons of boats making it tough but we picked some mixed sized fish.  Again it was not enough for the big crowd we had but we tried our best and many got one
Nov 11
COLD COLD COLD today! WE couldn't believe how many boats were out in this cold weather today.  We caught some nice Stripers but not nearly enough for the crowd we had.  Plenty of fish around and weather looking very nice Sunday & Monday.  Hope to see you aboard 

Nov 10
Blustery Conditions made it tough to drift and present baits and lures yesterday.  Drifting over 2 knots in the heavy winds we did manage a few and lost some others! All nice size keeper fish though.  Weather gets better by mid-day Saturday when the winds will drop and the temps get back to normal

Nov 9
Picked at the Stripers on a mix of lures Shads, Jigs & Krocs all produced! Stripers are here so Come On Down
Oct 29
Big Storm no sail today or tomorrow.  Tuesday should be a go but Wednesday will be nicest day of the week
Oct 28 
Started Quick and we picked for a bit at the Jumbos on jigs.  The wind came up fast and hard early.  As the seas built the fishing dropped off.  Those who dropped to the bottom stayed busy with seabass.  Sunday & Monday will be too rough.  Hope to get our first Tuesday's Striper Marathon in, but stay tuned for a weather update.  See ya aboard 

Oct 27
Picked at Jumbo Blues to 19.5 pounds on jigs.  Best day in a while! Hope
to see you aboard Saturday.  Saturday looks very nice and Sunday will be too rough to sail.  See you aboard Saturday

Oct 25 
No Sail today.  Thursday is fishable, winds will be west and breezy.  Friday is the BEST of the week with Saturday a close second.  Sunday appears breezy with Rain.  Hope to see you aboard 
Oct 24 
No Sail too Rough!  We will not Sail Wednesday too.  Thursday and Friday look nice with West Winds. Friday is the best day of the week.  See ya aboard 
Oct 19 -23
Still Lots of Fish around but getting tougher to catch each day.  Sunday & Monday we concentrated on SeaBass more than Blues.
Oct 18
Lots of Fish Around but tough to catch. Read fish all day! Catching them was the rough part. We did get a good shot at Albys early before we ran off to look for the Jumbo Blues. Tons of fish but we only slowly picked at them on jigs. New Bob was Hi-Hook with 4 Big Blues. Bob was using a Gold Hammered jig. Weather looks great thru the weekend.  Don't miss out on great weather in late October. Sea bass opens Sunday Oct 22, so we can keep SeaBass as we have been catching many while jigging for Blues. 
Oct 16 & 17
Sept 15
SUPER ACTION for Mackerel and Bonito today! Bait was non-stop Mackerel and jigs were best for the Bonito.  Deadly Dicks & Swedish Pimples as well as Tsunami 5" Split Tails worked best for the Bonito.  Calm weather & Sunshine for the weekend. Come on down now before the bad weather coming Tuesday.  See ya aboard

Sept 14
Wed & Thursday No Sail not enough participants. We will have enough to sail Friday.  Weather looks very nice Sunday and Calm For Friday into the weekend

Tuesday Sept 12 
Fun Day with lots of Blues and some Bonito

Monday Sept 11
Very Nice Day! Lots of Action with Bonito, Macks, Ably and Jumbo Porgy. Weather look  SUPER for Tuesday! We will have enough to sail Tuesday. 
Sunday Sept 10
Rough Conditions kept me from heading offshore this AM.  We went looking and found lot of Macks to keep it interesting.  The winds have backed off this afternoon and forecast is Sunny and Calm Monday & Tuesday.  Some of the Wednesday Gang will be down Monday, so we will have enough to sail, target is Bonito, Blues Alby & Macks   See ya aboard 

Saturday Sept 9
Nice Action for the Skepton Construction crew charter.  We picked at Blues 2-4 pounds most of the day with the morning action best.  Hands down the best catch of Bluefish on a day trip since June

Friday Sept 8 
First Special Bonito & Albacore trip was a success!  We had a nice mix of Bonito & Albacore with more Bonito vs Albys.  Jay & Joe Brooks had a great day with a nice catch of Bonito and some Albys. The Father/Son team showed many how to keep a bend in the rod.  Swedish Pimples, Deadly Dicks, Diamond jigs, Tsunami Split Tails along with Bait all produced today.  We are Chartered tomorrow Saturday Sept 9, so plan on joining us Sunday this weekend.  See ya aboard 


Friday Sept 8 
First Special Bonito & Albacore trip was a success!  We had a nice mix of Bonito & Albacore with more Bonito vs Albys.  Jay & Joe Brooks had a great day with a nice catch of Bonito and some Albys. The Father/Son team showed many how to keep a bend in the rod.  Swedish Pimples, Deadly Dicks, Diamond jigs, Tsunami Split Tails along with Bait all produced today.  We are Chartered tomorrow Saturday Sept 9, so plan on joining us Sunday this weekend.  See ya aboard 

Sept 7 No Sail no participants 
Sept 6 No Sail

Sept 5
The Annual day after Labor Day Charter with All State Septic from Bangor PA. again was a huge success! The weather was rough but we were anchored up before the wind really came on.  The Mackerel were thick and we picked many Bonito & Albacore to keep it interesting.  Bruce won the pool with one of his 6 Bonito.  Cole came out to fish the last day of Summer before School. He had 5 Bonito and over a dozen Alby.  Small diamonds and other shiny lures worked best.  Tsunami's are also starting to work.  Weather looking very nice Thursday Thru the weekend.  Come on down and enjoy the best Bonito & Alby action in a few years 

Sept 4 Labor Day 
Very Good Start with Blues on jigs then then the Mackerel took over with some Bonito & Albys mixed in.  The current changed and the action slowed around 11AM.  I took a ride and we jigged some Blues on most drifts.  Nice Day! 

Aug 26
Rough Seas and fishing all morning for us.  After 11am the seas began to calm and we found a nice area if Macks and SeaBass to finish the day on a fun active note.  Remember we are chartered Sunday.  Please join us another day! See ya aboard
Aug 23-25
Good Action for Mackerel overall!  We did have some Spanish Mackerel, Bonito & some False Albacore along with lots of SeaBass and the occasional Fluke too. 

Aug 22 
Tuesday was another mid day bite. Lots of Mackerel with SeaBass some Fluke.  Wednesday looks like another fine day!

Aug 21 
Great Day today! Took a while to get the fish going but we picked away at the Macks with a few Bonito a couple Blues, Lots of SeaBass,  a Mahi and some Fluke.  


Aug 8 
Still waiting for all the rain predicted and chased the people away.  We did have nice conditions with no rain after 6:45am.  We picked the Mackerel slow most of the morning and a bit better with Sea Bass mixed in late.  Not the best but OK today.  Weather looking very nice for Sunday and early week
Aug 7-11
Overall it was a nice week of SeaBass and Mackerel Action.  Wed was Stupid with  the Mackerel. Thursday was Sea bass & Fluke. Friday saw our first glimpse at late summer action.  Found an area of Bonito to jig but we got sharked out 3 times. Mixed in were Spanish Mackerel, Skip-Jacks a few Blues and Seabass.  The weekends weather Sunday is Best. See ya aboard 

Aug 6 
Aug 6 
Lots of SeaBass late morning after the wind backed off. Jim won the pool with a fat hump head SeaBass!  Monday looks to be worst day of the week, with Rain and wind. Choose another day as Tuesday thru Friday looks SUPERB

Aug 5
Rain was gone before we departed this morning.  Mackerel were thick but tough to catch early and easier after 10am. Lots of Macks on jigs and bait. We did have a bunch of shark bites too. Bert fought a large Black Tip and a few smaller Hamerhead Sharks.  Good day overall. Sunday weather is Top Ten! Come on Down

Aug 4
Another Fantastic Day aboard! Jigging for Macks was very productive.  Bring your light Spinning rods and small jigs.  Those who had enough Mack Attack action went to the bottom and caught their fill of Seabass.  Fine Day! Weather will be dry from 9am on and overall will be a great day! Hope to see you aboard
Aug 3 
Wild Shark Action surprised us mid-morning today!  We were gathering up the Blues and Macks along with some Bonito when the reels started singing.  A school of Black tip, Dusky & Brown Sharks invaded and any bait was attacked by the fast hard fighting predators!  Rebecca, 12, using a light spinner subdued a 30 pound Dusky.  We had Sharks up to 6' long hooked up and released boat side.  After the sharks moved away we moved inshore and finished up with SeaBass. 

Aug 2 
Another Fantastic Day! With the Wednesday Gang aboard we targeted the SeaBass first and had a nice catch of SeaBass with Mackerel and Fluke mixed in.  We even saw a few cocktail Blues and a Bonito.  

Aug 1 
Super Mackerel Tuesday! Mike "Pop Pop" and his 2 granddaughters combined for over 60 Mackerel plus some seabass!  Fun Day

July 30
Weather was great for the river and by sunset the ocean has calmed to flat calm.  We picked at short fluke with a few keepers Sunday afternoon.  Tomorrow we will be back in the ocean.  Weather forecast puts this week as the nicest of the summer.  This is the week to grab the kids and head on down! Hope to see you aboard 

uly 29 
Lots of wind Nor'easter canceled both Saturday and Sunday mornings 
July 28
Very Nice Day! Lots of SeaBass and many quality Fluke.  No sail Saturday Big Storm a brewing. Stay tuned for Sunday info

July 26 

Turned out to be a gorgeous day with lots or Sea Bass Action and a boat limit of Sea Bass! So thick even the Wednesday Gang were all smiles. Thursday looks like the best of the week

For up to the minute Info and updates please check out our Facebook Page, 

July 25th
Nice Day spent Fluking with the Morristown Beard Day camp group.  With seas still bouncy from the East wind since Sunday, I elected to take the group in the river.  Conditions were right and the gamble paid off.  The idea was action and we caught plenty of Fluke!  Lots of Action as many had 3-4 Fluke each.  Though we didn't keep much the action kept the kids at the rail with smiling faces.  

July 18
 What a day! Absolutely GORGEOUS on the water. We had nice action picking at cocktail sized Blues all day. Some had limits of Blues most had 5-10 fish. Hi- hook Mark had over 30. Now is the time to get the light tackle out and grab the kids. Seas are forecast to be calm all week. See ya aboard

July 17 
Lots of cocktail sized Blues and Mackerels on jigs and bait today.  Nice Action, great weather and finally some Mackerel and small Blues.  Weather looking SUPER most of the week.  Come on down

July 15 
Another Fine Day!  Calm day sun came out late and lots of action with SeaBass all morning! Most had their limit and some ling spiced the catch.  Bert won the pool with a 3-4 pound Ling. The Bluefish made a nice showing today, so we will switch up and hope the Blues cooperate Sunday.  Weather looks SUPER next few days.  Hope to see you aboard

July 8
SUPER DAY!  Great weather, nice folks aboard, lots of action, wonderful Dolphin show to top it off!  Weather looks very nice for Sunday & Monday

July 7 
Rain Forecast kept the people away No Sail
July 5 & 6
Good Sea Bass Action 
July 4th

What a Great Day, Wow 3 in a row! Good Action almost all day.  

July 4th
What a Great Day, Wow 3 in a row! Good Action almost all day.  

July 3 

What a delightful day! Sunshine calm seas and nice action for SeaBass & Ling with a bunch of nice Blackfish(released) Afternoon provided even better action 

July 2 
Fog Cleared the sun came out and summer days were back!  Sea Bass action both trips 

July 1 
Was hard to believe it was Fourth of July weekend on the ocean todayThick fog, breezy from the south and water temps have backed into the mid 50's. We did have action all morning with lots of sea bass to 3 pounds and a boat limit of Sea Bass. Everyone has a nice dinner at least! Tomorrow and the rest of the long weekend look much nicer. We have lots of room for Mondays Family Afternoon Trip and about 20 spots left on July 4th fish/fireworks trip. 
See ya aboard.

June 30 
NO SAIL still windy
June 29
Lots of wind kept us tight to the beach after only one drift where we caught some keepers the day before.  Good Action though with shorts and some sea bass

June 28
Another absolutely gorgeous day on the water! Calm seas and delightful temps along with some Quality Fluke.  Not fast action but we picked at short fluke early and later keeper sized Fluke and many sea bass(released). 

June 25 
Great Weather! Fishing was a touch better as we picked at Mackerel early then moved inshore and picked at Fluke.  Not good but better than most of last week
Weather looks very nice this week! 
June 24 
Heavy Rain kept the customers away Saturday morning.  

June 21-23
Sorry I didn't get to update the actual reports but the Homepage Highlights were updated.  The Magic Hour Stripers fizzled and ended as a complete hack.  Never was ever really good except for a couple nights.  Wednesday & Thursday were very tough fishing as Blues have gone non-existent, so we bent some rods with Fluke, SeaBass and other bottom feeders.  Sunday appears to be the much nicer Day this weekend.  If you are flexible come Sunday 

June 19 & 20 
Too Windy no sail.  Wednesday looks very nice and Thursday may be even nicer, Friday looks good from here too Sunshine & Calm seas
Hope to see you aboard 

June 18
Happy Fathers Day
On the slower side again today.  Weather wasn't great with Fog coming & going and the South wind came up hard making for a rough ending.  Again, those who really worked at it did catch some.  Jim was Hi-hook with 7 Blues.  The Mazzola family had a nice day getting 5 Blues and won the pool.  Weather looks tough Mon & Tuesday but Super Nice for Wednesday - Friday.  Please join us later in the week 

June 17 
Thick fog put a hamper on the day for many.  The fishing was on the slower side but did perk up after 11:30.  Again those who really put the effort in did better.  Morgan Dluhey and her father Bert combined for 9 Blues.  HI-hook was Shea with 10.  

June 16 
Slow action for the morning trip but those who worked at it all day had a nice catch.  Cecil was hi-hook with a dozen.  BDM Charter did well with the Blues on the afternoon trip 

June 17 
Thick fog put a hamper on the day for many.  The fishing was on the slower side but did perk up after 11:30.  Again those who really put the effort in did better.  Morgan Dluhey and her father Bert combined for 9 Blues.  HI-hook was Shea with 10.  

June 16 
Slow action for the morning trip but those who worked at it all day had a nice catch.  Cecil was hi-hook with a dozen.  BDM Charter did well with the Blues on the afternoon trip 

June 15 
Very Nice Day!  
Good Action jigging larger Blues in the 6-12 pound class.  Gorgeous weather great customers and fish cooperated, wonderful day overall.  Hope to see you aboard Friday or Sunday!  Remember we are Sold Out for Saturday

June 13 MAGIC

FINALLY IT WAS MAGIC!! Some limits and most had a Striper & Carlo had 3. Smallest fish was 28 pounds.  So good, I even got one on a popper.  Fun Night! 

June 13 AM
TOUGH START WITH A VERY NICE FINISH! All the action was from 11:30am to 1:30 and we left the Blues biting! Weather looks rough for tomorrow morning. See you Thursday! 

June 12 Monday
Another Fine Day!! Good Action all day with mixed sized blues 2-5 pounds the A17 & 27 jigs.  There was an occasional bigger sized Blue every once in a while.  We also had another nice Whale watching show

June 8 Magic Hour 
Things may be looking up after a tough week.  We were able to get live bait for the well.  I read fish at times and it looked fishy.  The trollers did have a few but we only had one fish hooked up only to pull the hook 5 minutes into the fight

June 8 AM
SUPER ACTION for smaller blues in the 1-4 pound range with most 2-3 pounds.  Limits of Blues all around with many folks throwing back fish before 10:30am.  Smaller diamond jigs worked best 

June 5

45 minutes of good action made the day! Rain held off until 1pm and it was calm so OK day overall