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During the long, cold winter months, Casa Solar, on Main Street in Belmar, emanates Latin heat. Casa Solar - belmar, NJ
Casa Solar - belmar, NJ Once you pass through Casa Solar's beautifully-beveled mahogany entranceway, you are transported to an exotic, yet elegant, setting with saffron yellow walls, diaphanous linen curtains and urn-ensconced niches. The warmly-hued room evokes visions of Tuscany on a fall afternoon; golden and mellow.
As Latin rhythms play and delicious aromas waft from the kitchen, you will find it difficult to select your meal without swaying (or maybe swooning) in your chair. The relaxed atmosphere and careful attention to every detail make a visit to Casa Solar a fine way to lift the \'winter blues\'. Casa Solar - belmar, NJ
Casa Solar - belmar, NJ The fusion menu is absolutely plump with Latin specialties, classically prepared but with an Asian twist.The menu is extravagantly simple, with each menu item prepared to order. Rolls are freshly baked, piping hot and accompanied by a dipping sauce which will make you wonder why anyone would ever spread butter on bread. Guava Glazed Ribs, selected from the menu's offering of Hot Appetizers, are slowly roasted and falling-off-the-bone succulent. Casa Solar's menu describes them as 'to die for'; au contraire, they are 'to live for'!
As the weather turns warmer, the courtyard paved in Majorcan tile will provide couples with a romantic setting for dining \'al fresco\'. Casa Solar - belmar, NJ
There is live jazz on Friday and Saturday nights from 8:30pm to 11:30pm.

Casa Solar is open for lunch from 11:30am to 2:30pm and serves dinner from 5pm and is BYOB.

Reservations are required and at the moment can be obtained on several days notice. 732-556-1144.

Casa Solar
1104 Main Street
Belmar, NJ 07719