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Sea Bright NJ

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Sea Bright NJ
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Sea Bright NJ Brief History:

While Sea Brights formal history starts in 1869, there was, in the early 1840's, a small cluster of wooden shacks nestled among the tall grass-topped sand dunes of the barrier beach.This was the village of Nauvoo.Meaning literally "beautiful of pleasent place".

Sea Bright is known for its private beach clubs and beautiful restaurants.They have seven beach clubs.It also has a day-care center for dogs.If you want to shed off some pounds and get into shape, they also have brand new fitness club.For all you men who like to look good, ther is the Northshore men's clothing shop. Stress getting you down? Sea Bright also has the Brama Yoga Spa. A beautiful place for reflection and concentration.Sea Bright is a great place to have fun and enjoy life.