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Historic Smithville, NJ, is a quaint village offering Dining, Shopping, Lodging, and Family Entertainment. Surrounded by beautiful Lake Meone, Smithville is a beautiful place to visit. With well manicured grounds and cobblestone paths, visitors can enjoy a nice stroll. Nature is surrounding you, with ducks, geese, and even beautiful roosters and hens. In the spring you will see ducklings, goslings, and chicks as you stroll through the grounds. Other wildlife abound in the lake and surrounding areas. Keep your eyes open for a great blue heron fishing in the lake.

Smithville is a shopper's paradise with over 60 shoppes offering unique items. From boutiques to specialty shoppes, there is something for everyone. If you need your nails done or a hair cut or styling, this, too, is offered in Smithville. Holidays are always full at Smithville, with shoppers coming to find unique gift ideas. The Christmas Shoppe is open all year round. There are shoppes for children, as well as shoppes enjoyed by adults. Bakeries and specialty shoppes offering cheeses, or fresh ground coffee and assorted teas are here for your shopping pleasure. The Tomasello winery offers fine wines and winery related giftware, as well as tastings. If you enjoy antiques, check out Country Folk. There are many fine clothing shoppes offering items not seen at department stores. The Smithville Jeweler has a fantastic display of fine gemstones, including a large display of high quality Tanzonite, something you don't see often. From angels to herbs, you can find just about anything you are looking for in Smithville.

Smithville offers many dining experiences. From fine dining at the Historic Smithville Inn, to hot dogs at Augie's Doggies. There is an Italian restaurant and pizzeria, an ice cream parlor, bake shops, family restaurants, a coffee shop, and a pub offering anything from burgers to dinners. You can't go wrong with the quality of food offered at Smithville. After a day of shopping, sit down and relax in the restaurant of your choice, all within a short walk.

If you are looking for family entertainment, Smithville is the place for you. There is an antique arcade, a speedway with remote cars, paddle boats, remote controlled boats, a shooting gallery, a train, and a beautiful carousel. The Family Arcade offers family fun, rides, games, and more.

Lodging at Smithville is not a problem. The Colonial Inn offers a variety of rooms, with private baths and Continental Breakfast. From mini suites, suites with porches, to a cottage, the Colonial Inn has a room for you and your family. Another fine place to stay is The Barn, located on the other side of the covered bridge. Offering 12 rooms that can accomodate a Girls-Get-Away, the barn is another lodging consideration