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New Jersey Shore - Trivia

1) What New Jersey Shore town was summer home to seven Presidents of the United States?
a) Perth Amboy
b) Spring Lake
c) Long Branch
d) Cape May

2) What New Jersey Shore town is the adopted home of rocker Bruce Springsteen?
a) Bayhead
b) Ocean Grove
c) Spring Lake
d) Asbury Park

3) The board game, Monopoly, uses street names from what town at the New Jersey Shore?
a) Belmar
b) Seaside Heights
c) Point Pleasant
d) Atlantic City

4) What is the New Jersey state seashell?
a) Conch
b) Knobbed Whelk
c) Venus's Comb
d) Mussel

5) Who were the first "Benny's"?
a) Inhabitants of Newark
b) Inhabitants of New York
c) People from austrailia
d) The Lenni Lenape

6) Where is the oldest lighthouse in the United States?
a) Barnegat Bay
b) Nantucket, Rhode Island
c) Sandy Hook
d) Nova Scotia

7) What famous dancer made his theatrical debut at the New Jersey Shore?
a) Gene Kelly
b) Patrick Swazey
c) Fred Astaire
d) Tommy Tune

8) Where was the first hotel at the New Jersey Shore?
a) Tucker's Island
b) Seaside Heights
c) Cape May
d) Atlantic City

9) What was Long Beach Island's first industry?
a) Whaling
b) Selling CD's
c) Clamming
d) Selling ice cream.

10) How much salt is in a box of salt water taffy?
a) 10 Grams
b) 3 ounces
c) None